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I’m passionate about creating jobs and exporting. said Jeanne Blanchin, president of the group of the same name that she founded in 1967 in Champagneux (Savoie). Today, the tulles and lace workshop has become a “country factory” within a textile group that, in 1996, achieved 220 million francs in consolidated sales, 55% of which was exported with a positive net result.

In 1995, this company, which had now been in losses for several years, achieved 65.5 million francs in sales (but also 8 million losses)

Jeanne Blanchin, who expects the process of falling prices to end (up 25% in five years on the understudy), wants to consolidate her growth before resuming investments (25 million francs in 1992 and 12 million in 1996). She explains the success of her company by a permanent adaptation, a total integration of the production apparatus, which goes from yarn to finished product, quality since 1968 and exportation.

In May 2004, Blanchin, a company specialising in the manufacture of silk and other fabrics in several factorys in Champagneux (Savoie) and Oyeu (Isère), was granted permission by the Chambéry Commercial Court to continue until the beginning of April, initially, with the possibility of renewal until the end of May.

Since its acquisition in 2002 by Paolo Corio, its current CEO, and other Italian investors since, its workforce had grown to 150 employees. Its sales, which amounted to 14 million euros in 2003, fell to 9 million in 2004, with the workforce going back to 80 employees. renamed T.I.E.S. ( TEINTURE IMPRESSION ENNOBLISSEMENT DE SAVOIE) Blanchin in 2007, the company was still trading until around 2013, finally going bankrupt, all the presses and other equipment were auctioned off in July 2014 and this factory finally closed for good.

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