L’île au Galion

Sat on the Canal du Midi , this one fine example of maritime history, first opened its doors as a restaurant in 2004.

“In 2008, strollers who take the road from Pompertuzat to the canal or the Chemin des Monges in Deyme, would have recently witnessed the birth of a large construction site on the outskirts of the Île au Galion, The Guiraud company is building a new restaurant in place of the old one. Reassure yourself the good old galion is still there and its purchaser is responsible for restoring it externally in order to avoid its complete decay. Gilbert Rebiele who previously managed a tapas restaurant in Toulouse has bought this land, including the island, in order to build a restaurant. The new MAS Y MAS will offer a variety of quality services, based on Mediterranean-influenced cuisine, Italy, south of France and Spain.


Aerial View of the site in 2006 when it was just the boat and a swimming pool, Source Remonterletemps

This property will include a tapas bar, lounge area, a solarium on 450m2 terraces overlooking the canal, open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week, the start of the activity is scheduled for the end of April 2009. Gilbert Rebiele has called on Etienne Challiet, designer, “This is a citizen project with a maximum of recyclable materials, respecting the principle of energy saving and respectful of carbon borrowing, on the day of the laying of the first stone was done by Michel Valverde mayor of the commune accompanied by Antoine Farcot , director of Autan Solaire, Christine Galvani, mayor of Pompertuzat and Xavier Leroy of the restaurant Les Violetes.”

The restaurant when it was still open, Source t-c-v.com

This Spanish galleon ship located in the region of Toulouse is in fact a restaurant abandoned by its owners sometime in late 2010. While waiting for its (now very certain) demolition, set on a hectare of land, originally it had a swimming pool, a huge terrace, grill and pub, 2 seating areas of 90 and 140 seats undercover, now surrounded by a huge fence, in very poor condition, its bridges have now been removed, as well as a complete level of the boat itself.


The boat is believed to be the barge L’Yser, Source

So it would seem this boat is not a mighty galleon but could be originally known as a barge called Yser, a trench was dug for its new location which was immediately refilled, it was then refitted as a multi floor restaurant, it has sat here since, sadly now only a place prized by photographers.