Chateau de Mauvezin – Mauvezin de Sainte-Croix

A long forgotten chateau dating to the 14th century, also down on old maps as Mauvesin, that once belonged to the family of Foix-Rabat, The Parish depended on the diocese of Rieux, Louis XIII set the barony of Rabat in the county in favour of Henri Gaston de Foix-Rabat, Comte de Rabat, Viscount of Massat, Fornex, Montfa, Mauvezin, Braasac, Loubens and other places, Accounts of Gaston say he rebuilt the Church of Lescar erected or repaired the Chateau of 0rthez, Pau, Sauveterre, Montaner, Mont de Marsan, Mauvezin, Mazères , Montaut, Ganac, Caylard, and Dambres. The barony of Rabat loses its rank as 1st Barony of the county of Foix at the end of the 17th century as there are no more heirs.

The Chateau consists of 4 floors , has a separate backyard and stables. On the second floor, there is a room with a chimney “wood mantel, stone pillars”, and two bedrooms, one of which has a large stone chimney. The third floor is similar. The chateau is tile covered. To climb there is a round stone tower, with an oak wood roof. It is built of stone, lime and sand, the walls have a thickness of five cana (old Spanish measurement), the stairs are in oak or fir; There is no tiles. In front of the tower, a stone-built ravine, lime and sand. The building has a length of 3 cana and a width of 4 ½. The barns have “a false floor to put the fodder”.

In 1765, it is recalled that the inhabitants possess their property under certain conditions which they pay via services to the Lord, (to bear arms) But that they are exempt from the right of free-fief (tax on noble property derived from inheritance).


The Chateau de Mauvezin in 1984, Source Remonterletemps

The chateau is revamped in 1819, At the beginning of the twentieth century, a schoolteacher was registered as working in the hamlet (but no priest certainly during 1917, because of the dilapidated church) Saint-Georges church has been in the village since 1635, noted as in poor condition in 1724 restored in the 18th century.


The Chateau from above afew years ago, Source Google Maps

The Chateau’s general decline can be seen from the air via remonterletemps, during 1984, the building still had its roof, but aerial views today show trees within its interior, A historical site that is in sadly today is in serious peril of total collapse.