Abandoned Manoir de Photographie

I just walked 10 minutes through a dense forest chemin, and there it was, it is not listed as a chateau nor anything else but there is a small chapel close by with the same name, its quite small but its land and title is of nobility, it can trace its rootes to the XVth century, a few things i made a mental note of, concrete shower and concrete bath… a toilet in nearly every room, it must mean at one stage it was a busy house, from notes now studied, 18 people would have lived in this domain and the small workers cottage opposite, the newspaper stuck to the rear of the wallpaper is dated 1962 so it was last decorated 50 years ago, The calender is dated 2009 and these are delivered (in return of a donation) in December the year before, Their are photos everywhere, hundreds of packets, i wish i had time to explore and learn more about the family behind them, but suddenly the sun’s drawing in, the rooms are getting dark and i have forgotten my torch, but one day i will return..