The Abandoned Scrapyard

Sometimes we are digging away looking for one thing when you get hit with another, passing through a small hamlet in the Haute-Vienne on the way to see a ruined chateau, i stumbled upon a collection of old buildings, one happened to be an old style small bar/restaurant, a couple of small houses and what looked like a car compound, the car compound was unexciting, not something i was interested in really, filled with modern cars crashed by their previous owners, the cars stored here waiting for insurers to pay out, before being again recycled into something else metallic. As i look around more, i suddenly notice in the corner of my eye a few cars tucked away overgrown by brambles and well, you can guess he rest..

By 2017 sadly most of these vehicles have sadly gone, it turns out the land is owned by a local scrapyard which operates not far away from a much bigger yard, This was the original garage that started that breakers, which expanded during the 80 and 90’s, newer industrial style buildings built on larger premises meant no use for these old buildings and the old cars became trapped inside, slowly the site is now being cleared.

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