Autopornography Pt1

I’m not really a blogger as such, i  do however like history and spend a lot of my time translating lots of old documents of my finds as something different to entertain the world, away from this, deep down i’m a car guy, i have far too many to be fair, at present,  11, (yes eleven) sat around the place, many are for parts most are Volkswagen (5 Mk2 Golf’s of which 3 are GTI flavour) so when i am on an exploring mission, the one thing that gets me excited is finding old cars.

Sometimes they can tell their own stories, in others we just have to imagine how they could have ended up where they sit today. Most of these cars have now disappeared, we hope they will be become restored but certainly some will only now appear as a moment of the past via a photograph. this being Part One looks at a selection taken between 2007 and 2011. Into cars, check out my Autoporn section for more automotive goodness.. TBC

The Rusty Caravan (i did not know they rusted). and H-Type – Dordogne, 2007

Mercedes W114 – Haute-Vienne, 2008

Renault 12 – Charente, 2008

Three Talbot Tagora’s (Rare to see one normally) – Deux-Sevres, 2009 (Since Disappeared)

Renault 14 – Haute-Vienne, 2010 (Since Disappeared)

Peugeot 205 Rallye – Tarn, 2011

Ford Capri – Charente, 2011 (Since Disappeared)

Talbot Horizon, Forest Find – Haute-Vienne, 2011

French Army Truck, Forest Find – Haute-Vienne, 2011