Chateau de Montlebeau

This fief paid homage to the Vicomté de Bridiers. It is mentioned for the first time in 1497, its first holder being the Sieur de la Marche. The Logi’s was probably built in the second half of the XVth century. An admission of 1526 describes the Logi’s with a courtyard, a chapel (in ruins in 1674), an oven, various dependencies, all surrounded by a small wall.

An admission of 1623 notes the presence of a tower-shaped loft covered with flat tiles with large stone skylights. Near the castle were farms. 1674 adds a portal and machicolations. It has not been inhabited since the revolution. About 1890, the owner, Hippolyte Saran, converted it in a hunting rendezvous by repairing the roofs on the south side and the stair tower. For about twenty years this mansion was totally abandoned, although it is currently undergoing some restoration work.