Chateau de Chaumont

At the beginning of the last century, Eugénie Bardt, a young singer from the commune of Mainsat, moved to Paris to make herself a career; she does not find fame, but does meet a Russian industrialist who becomes her protector and build her a castle, fitted with luxurious furnishings, beautiful gardens, the castle will know its time of glory for ten years; parties, receptions … these social events have a cost and Eugénie Bardt can not continue this course for long.

In 1939, the building is rented to the l’OSE, an organization of humanitarian assistance from the Jewish community. Lotte Schwarz leads the establishment. The Creuse hosted during the conflict about 3,000 Jews including 1,000 children at the Chateau de Chaumont. After 1945, Gilberte Bardt rented the castle as a colonies de vacances (holiday colony) until 1960. He died on February 16, 1967. After his death, the castle was put on sale.

In 1967, the castle will be sold to J.F.Mironnet, Intendant of Coco Chanel, and his wife, ex-model. For afew years the chateau again is the focus of the upper classes but then it is forgotten again and left for long periods of inoccupation. In February 1986, a fire destroyed the castle: Now there are only the walls, a portal and some charred elements inside. Sadly soon to be demolished, but it left one hell of a story.