Tale of the Chateau de Laudonie

i like history, finding snippets of a life long past, These are the last remnants of a now demolished XVth chateau of the Domaine de Laudonie, forgotten home of the noble familys of the canton of Montembeouf situated in between the Charente limousine and the Angoumois, During the XIth century, the fief of Montembeouf sat under the Viscounts of Limoges and later in the XIVth century depended on the Chatellenie de Mont Beron (nowadays Montbron, Charente) sometime during WW2 all the archives for the chateau were lost due to a fire, sadly now this pigeonnier (dovecot) thats dates to the time of the original chateau finds itself in a similar state of ruin, the XIXth century vault of the family of Laudonie, constructed in 1852, it’s last member of the family died in the 1930’s and was left abandoned for many years seems in now in better condition with a new roof, however situated on private property so sadly no interior shots were possible, from old photos its possible to see that the chateau was demolished in around 1985 to extend the lake, outbuildings made up, and toilets/sink attached to the exterior of the pigeonnier, why someone used chipboard to roof the building to beyond me but this is what was used and its all disintegrated leaving large holes meaning water now penetrates the walls putting the building at risk


Some photos that i took of the Chapelle de Laudonie back in 2008