Ruines gallo-romaines des Cars

The Gallo-Roman ruins of Des Cars, consisting of a funerary ensemble and a villa, is a Gallo-Roman site dating from the first half of the 2nd century A.D. located on the commune of Saint-Merd-les-Oussines (Corrèze). The construction of the funerary monuments dates back to the end of the second century or the beginning of the third century. They are made of masonry carved in local granite, they were assembled without mortar and bound by metal crampons.

Among the blocks of stone that escaped the plundering are fragments of cornices, plinths and moulded elements. The remains located near the brook are those of a sumptuous villa with running water and heating and decorated with mosaics and painted plasters. It was built in two periods. From the outset the Villa already had a reserve of water contained in a tank dug in a huge block of granite. Pipes would lead the water from the cistern to the house, from its heated swimming pool to various other rooms.

At the end of the second century or the beginning of the third century, possibly following a fire, the building was rebuilt and enlarged. The walls are irregular rubble sometimes arranged in herringbone fashion. The inner courtyard is closed by a covered gallery that serves the living quarters.