Institution du Theil

The origins of the Chateau du Theil date back to the XVth century, and parts of its roots can still be seen in the central parts of the chateau which is flanked by a small square tower that houses the staircase and the large round tower which holds the cave and bedroom/bathrooms upstairs, upon entering the chateau you are greeted by the sight of a beautifully put together pebble and granite floor, The granite walls glistens as you stroll past, the collapsed section appears to be alot newer and built from rubble stone and brick.

In 1885, it was purchased by the bishopric to start a college led by the secular priests. The collège catholique closed its doors in 1898. Then the city council at the time decided to turn this building into a boy’s primary school covering over 900m2. XXth century, this chateau during these more modern times (1920’s) was a agriculture college but truth be told not a very successful one, many students leave due to illness, classes ended up cancelled due to the death of the vet, before being requisitioned by the German army to be again transformed this time into a army barracks (WW2).

Repairs to fix the damage caused to the building started after the war, but much of Ussel itself was to suffer extensive damage. André Chevalier acquires the collège au Château du Theil from 1943. Students were finally able to re-enter the building in 1953. after 1984 it was believed to have been home to disabled people to learn skills in dealing with this modern world, which included a workshop making clothes for the larger person (both Esat Le Theil (établissement et service d’aide par le travail) and MAISON CHEVALIER (SERMO) a clothing company still exist within the town today) and are believed to have relocated their services around 2004/5.

Completely in a state of disrepair a good portion of the building collapsed recently, roofs leak, exposing timbers to moisture, leaving some upper rooms like kitchens hanging down dangerously above, Recently in the fields to the north on the land of Theil, archaeologists recently discovered how long the land has been occupied with the discovery of a 3rd century roman building of 52x15m built on a granite base.

2018 Update, the chateau has been tided up inside and put onto the market with 3.9 hectares of land for €495,000, we wish whoever purchases the property the best of luck and hopefully it’ll soon be restored.