GB – Frank James Hospital

Frank James Hospital is a currently closed hospital in Adelaide Grove, East Cowes on the Isle of Wight. Constructed in 1893, as a home for retired seamen and was originally called the Frank James Memorial Home. It was commissioned by William and Arthur James as a memorial to their brother, Frank Linsly James, eldest son of the New York entrepreneur Daniel James and his wife Sophia, who ran the British arm of their company Phelps Dodge from Liverpool. The building was designed in a Dutch Style by Somers Clarke.

In 1903, the home was transformed into a cottage hospital, with its running costs paid for by charitable donations. It was eventually absorbed into the National Health Service in 1948, before finally closing in 2002. Between then and now, it has been laying empty and gradually deteriorating. It was sold by the NHS Trust in 2002 and since then, it has had ownership issues, which has led to its vandalism and disrepair. The building is currently on the endangered buildings list for the United Kingdom. It has a central block with two projecting wings and a verandah to the ground floor on all sides. It is built of red brick, with a tiled roof.

A strange find whilst out walking around the island, afew searches later finds a Facebook set up to help preserve what is left of the hospital, i have to say many thanks to Josh for allowing me access to view the inside of this buildings especially over the christmas period, although i do hear work to convert them into apartments is finally after all these years now underway.