GB – Coach House, Abandoned Hotel

Also known as the White House, it was abandoned not due to lack of love but more due to the lack of land, the Isle of Wight where it is located is slowing disappearing, this ex-Hotel a prime example, is slipping away into the sea due to coastal erosion. the road leading here we believe has been moved 3 times in 100 years. the area has lost over 25 buildings (and an amusement park).

The coach house that stands today is believed to be the third replacement! It was originally called the Blackgang pub, which was owned by the Amusement park owners from 1901 to 1936. During the war it was used as a look out point/coast guard station.

During the 1950’s it was turned back into a pub/hotel, During the 1970’s and 1980’s it was run as a children’s holiday home, ran by a charity for problematic children. The property is purchased privately to convert into a holiday home in 1988, a year before another major land slip, it has been abandoned ever since. next door an old tandoori restaurant faces the same fate.