GB – Adventureland, Blackgang

An abandoned Amusement park by the sea, lost due to coastal erosion, The land itself has been in possession of the Dabell family for over 150 years. In 1842, Alexander Dabell settled a lease on Blackgang Chine and soon built a gift shop and café at the top of the ravine. The theme park was established in 1843, which apparently makes it Britain’s oldest. The island once the beacon of Britain adorned by Victorians who flocked here in their thousands, Adventureland, as it was known, was a play park area for children. The crooked house (at Blackgang Chine, which has now been moved) once stood here. The remains of Adventureland include a seesaw structure, the brick remains of a wall that surrounded the area wre the crooked house originally stood, “Mission Control” (a Nasa-style space control room with levers and buttons) and an old Wicksteed roundabout that still spins like new. This area was accessible up until very recently. The park maintains a constant battle moving rdes further inland to escape what mother nature is deeming hers for the taking.