Chateau de Bridiers

Imposing medieval site with of the 30m tall tower and remains of the château des Vicomtes de la Marche built during the XIIIth century, vestiges of the curtain walls and of the castle’s logis, Pavilion, amphitheatre of 2000 seats, medieval garden, goats, forests, as well as many trails including a link to the city centre.

Every year on July 14th, the medieval site of Bridiers sparkles with a thousand fireworks the time of the great spectacle Pyromusical organized on the occasion of the national holiday. Beginning of August, since 2006, the site is the theatre of the “Fresque Historique de Bridiers”, the greatest historical show ever made in the Limousin with more than 600 volunteers. In July and August also, the site hosts artistic exhibitions ecept the day we arrive when its closed, humbug.