Chateau de Chabassiere

Built in 1863 by Alfred Roseleur, born in Limoges in 1820, a chemical engineer, who specialised in gilding, silver plating, electroplating and photography. he had his factory and a home in Paris, he is also classed as a great inventor and industrialist, he purchases the domaine de Chabassière around 1860, the chateau will be built between 1863-1865, it is known that in 1868 the painter Corot stays at the chateau, Alfred was locked up in Paris at the siege of the capital in 1870 by the Prussians (another unusual story, that of Alfred, who at the siege of Paris (1871), sends from his lodging at 23, rue des Gravilliers, Paris 3rd, love letters to his wife, who remained in the Chateau de Chabassière in Aubusson, attached to children’s balloons. Some were received by the Prussians who sent them back to the recipient), he was maire and conseiller général of Aubusson from 1878 until 1881. he lived at the chateau until his death in 1881. His wife Roussille Claudine lived there until her death in 1887.

Louis Marie Pierre Demengeon dies on the 06th May 1924 at the Chateau de Chabassiere. the 65 year old , born in Guéret in 1858, lived at the chateau with his wife Marie Claire Assezat de Bouteyre, Until March 1946, Chabassière Castle was the largest deposit of royal and imperial furniture, including, for example, the throne of Napoleon 1st in the area. during the 1950’s it is owned by Mr et Mme Chirat. after being abandoned sometime during the 1980’s, it was finally destroyed by a fire in August 2006