Chateau d’Aurouze

Currently in ruins, the chateau fort dominates the village of Aurouze. These are the remains of the construction of Bertrand de Rochefort d’Aurouze initiated in 1309 with the permission of Philippe le Bel. The facade is slender and pierced with windows with mullions and braces. It is flanked by a tower and a turret. The gardens end with a terrace on the spur.

Anne married Gaspard de Bouille du Charriol on July 3, 1493. This old family from Comte du Maine had been a strain on the Brivadois since the 11th century and were counted among the leaders of the nobility of the province of Auvergne. At the time of the revolution it was bought by the Gillet de Auriac and was burned and looted during the revolution itself. A large room on the ground floor was still distinguishable some fifty years ago.