IRL – Oldcastletown Castle

White Knight’s Castle of Oldcastletown was built in the 16th century by William Caoch (‘TheBlind’) Fitzgibbon who was the son of John Fitzgibbon the 5th White Knight and brother to Maurice Fitzgibbon the 6th White Knight. It was built on a rock outcrop known as ‘Magner’s Rock’ which was the site of a former building which gave the name ‘Bally an tSean Caisleán’ to the District. The building was once said a five storey tower house but was badly damaged by Cromwell’s sidekick Lord Broghill during his assault on it in 1650. The next known occupants of the site were the ‘Fennels’ who built the more modern styled country house which is the ruin that you see today and they became known locally as the ‘Dogboys of the Bowen’s