Chateau des Fortis

In 1831, when the first cadastre of L’isle (L’isle-sur-Tarn) is realised, François Puilaurens is owner of a vineyard in the hamlet of Fortis at the head of which are a big house and a winery. The old family house is destroyed in 1890, the new chateau is habitable around this date.

The Chateau des Fortis was built in the 19th century for the family Puilaurens, established family of L’isle on Tarn. The main building of which the North and South facades are flanked by four octagonal towers is based on the entirely vaulted cellar. The castle is mainly built using materials of local collection: bricks moulded from earth and pebbles. Only a baked brick would come from the local brickyards. The two facades on a set of stone columns supporting a semicircular pediment in brick. Auguste Puylaurens keeps the chateau until 1905, where it is sold to a real estate company in the Tarn. The castle is then in the hands of a family of Gaillac wine merchants, the Dubousquet Daviau.

In 1925, Jean Picou became owner until 1940, at this date it is taken up by a Parisian business man, M. Scharff assisted by Mr. Deval, a Realtor in Albi.” In 1959, it became the property of a couple from L’isle, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Galan.” Since 1998, the chateau has been owned by a Dutch company called Art-Arcis.

The chateau and its Park has been completely abandoned and are regularly subject to looting/grafitti that threaten it’s survival. i have since found that it is for sale,  if you have a spare €432,000 sat doing nowt under the sofa, then you i suppose you could do worse.