Chateau de Montpinier

When I arrive at the site, I quickly understand that this discovery will be minimal. being private property, I tiptoe around this medieval site with a nostalgic look hoping not to get caught.

In 1328, the Chevalier Yzarn de Brassac owns the Chateau de Montpinier. In 1406, the chateau belongs to Aimeic Sicard de Brassac. 1564, Guillaume de Brassac owns the seigneury of Montpinier.

1569, the Protestants (commanded by Biron) attacked the chateau and partially dismantled it. 1575, the Vicomte de Paulin occupies the chateau. In 1580, the army of Turenne attacked and then recovered the chateau. In 1587, the Catholics resumed occupation of the chateau, but the Vicomte de Montgomery’s army hunts them down. 1588, François de Brassac dies. His daughter Claudine, by marrying Alexis de Perrin, brings the castle of Montpinier into dowry.

In 1621, on the order of the Duke of Angouleme, a small garrison commanded by Sieur de Maussan occupied the chateau. 1789, the Perrin family was hunted by the revolutionaries. In the 21st century, the site is now private property and not open for visits.

Dirty Edition – Sadly another selection slightly spoiled from our effort of putting out fires (See Chateau de Lezignac) but as little information is online about this chateau, I thought i should still share my pictures.