Chateau de Frontenac

Originally known as the Chateau de Valgros, The Chateau was built in 1870 by Mr Fabre, then it was owned by the Piquet family up until 1987, It was then sold to a Dutch company that had planned to develop the chateau into luxury apartments for rent, with a golf course, tennis courts, football pitch, pool etc.

A show apartment was created, but this is as far as development got and the Chateau was said to have been unoccupied at the time of the fire on the 25th October 2005 which devastated the chateau. In the years before the fire the complex was sold numerous times, and strangely always within Dutch companies. There is a rumour that the Chateau has now been sold to a French group including a famous French singer, so maybe plans are afoot to redevelop this stunning chateau.