The Aerotrain

An experimental railway line that begin in Saran and was the predecessor to the TGV built in 1969 it was used to during the tests of the prototypes I80-250 and I80-HV aerotrains designed by engineer Jean Bertin. It is on this test track that I80 – HV sets the world speed record of a carriage at a speed of 430.4 km/h on 5 March 1974.

The track, is an inverted T-shaped, is 18 kilometres long, and is visible from the RN20 to Chevilly. It consists of approximately 900 poles, spaced each of about 20 meters, The first prototype I80-250 testing takes place on 12 September 1969. The last test is conducted by the prototype I80-HV 10 September 1974. The viaduct remains in the countryside of Beauce, the cost of its destruction being judged prohibitive as little annoyance is caused by its presence in the middle of fields.