Sanatorium de Dreux

The Ancien Sanatorium Départemental des Bas- Buissons, Apart from combating tuberculosis, its successive mandates from 1908 to 1959 radically transformed the town by the introduction of cheap housing and public facilities via a number of policys made by the Mayor of Dreux, Maurice Viollette.

Clinic Laennec. A building that marks the entrance of a composition of three parallel pavilions built in 1932, Pastor, Calmette, Koch, enlarged in 1936 by the adding of the wings Villemin and Pavilion Guersant. A capacity of 400 beds is reached. East of the sanatorium, lies the Maurice Viollette preventorium built in 1931, the building intended for children has 128 beds. It is complemented by a Lazaretto and a Pavilion for toddlers completed post-war. Further East still, are nursing homes.

Graffiti artists, paintballers, metal thieves, firefighters and members of civil security have all had a hand in the slow destruction of this site, a leisure park was also planned in 2009 designed to be a top training centre for the vey best athletes… Currently, this site, bought a symbolic Euro from the Hospital de Dreux by the city of Dreux is covered with a deafening silence.

Installed in woods purchased by the city during the 1914-18 war, it included a preventorium (Maurice Viollette) which was completed in 1928, a sanatorium (Clinical Laennec) which opened in 1932 and a home for girls and young women (Térèse Viollette) in 1935. Around 1960, the sanatorium was transformed into a Cardiological Centre, other building into retirement homes. The buildings were gradually abandoned from the 1970s up until its full closure in 1995.

Visited Twice in 2015