Rochebeaucourt-et-Argentine – Abandoned Tomb

A squire from the commune, Count Louis Hector de Galard Béarn, donated to his town, land to build a new cemetery. This cemetery dates to 1855. The count still requires that a chapel be built in this cemetery for him and his family members.

The Gothic-style chapel consists of a single nave. Its facade has an entrance door which is accessed by a few steps. The facade is finely decorated and pierced with stained glass windows, as well as a small rosette, at the level of its pointed pediment.

The chapel has 72 alveoli (cavities) for the Count’s family, but only 11 are occupied. The bodies of this family, were buried in the old cemetery, were transported to the chapel at the end of the nineteenth century.  I do not know what to say, is/was it abandoned, who knows but there is certainly a space free. not something i would normally stop to take photos off, but i did however enjoy shooting it.