Mirapolis was a theme park which was opened in 1987 in Courdimanche, It was one of the first French theme parks, covering an area of over 47 hectares (15h for parking) with 29 attractions, and its themes were the tales and the great novels of France.

The park was dominated by a huge statue of Gargantua, inside which an attraction, a dark ride, was installed. The first year, the bad weather was an handicap for outdoor events and people took refuge in the “Grand Théatre”. Also, tens of thousands of people have seen a children’s musical: “Partir à point”, with lyrics and music by René-Louis Baron. It was a comic mixture of works of La Fontaine, a staging of giant puppets created by Yves Brunier (creator of the giant puppet “Casimir”). Carlos was the park’s celebrity spokesman.

The park was closed in 1991 because it never turned any profit. On 1 September 1995, the head of Gargantua was dynamited. Today abandoned, a guardian looks after the property of which there is little left, its rides removed, now used mostly by the gendarmerie for target practice.