Ferme de la Renaissance

It is around 1815, that the farm of the Renaissance would have been modified. At that time, Madam Dumez, born Dreux whose father was Mayor of Pomponne, wife of Mr Albert Dumez, which in turn, became mayor of Pomponne from 1900 to 1905.

Ms. Dumez being the owner of this farm did also add the two turrets, that are still seen today, In 1934, the area of land surrounding the farm was approximately 80 hectares. Ms. Dumez. was also the owner of the Chateau de Pomponne.

In 1942, on the death of Mrs Dumez, it was count Edward Du Tour, (cousin) who inherited farm and land, he rented to a tenant. who cultivated the lands and kept the property in good order, that was until 1985 – 1986. when for unknown reasons, Lewis left the farm, which then deteriorated very quickly.

The looters came take everything which was of value: marble fireplace, Oak carved staircase and wooden floors, not to mention the door handles and windows. The vegetation settled around and inside the farm and within a few months, what was a jewel at the entrance of Pomponne, became a ruin.

Around 1975, the small barn and the working-class house that closed around the farm were razed.