Chateau de la Mothe-Chandeniers

A Chateau of XIIth century origins belonging for a time to the family of Rochechouart, during the early XIXth century the chateau is remodelled by François Hennecart, a rich Parisian entrepreneur, who buys the castle in 1809, it then passes through and continues to be improved by the Henneart family, eventually passing to the baron Robert Lejeune who decides in 1932 to install central heating somehow this causes a fire to break out, a fire which totally gutted the castle, damage said to have cost ‘millions’ which Le Figaro stated ‘a library containing rare books, goblins, tapestries, antique furniture and paintings of great value were all destroyed’

However its gardens are maintained and in good order during the1950’s. In 1963 after the Algerian war, retired industrialist Jules Cavroy bought the domain (2 000 ha 1 200 in forest and the rest agricultural land) from the widow of baron Lejeune. during the 1980’s it is purchased by Crédit Lyonnais who split up all its plots and sell them on, some have been purchased and are the site of the future Center Parcs (Their 5th in France, due opening in 2015).