Chateau de Chanteloupe

The Manoir de Chanteloup is in the 13th century the house of Philippe le Bel. His wife, Jeanne de Navarre , founded on the land of Chanteloup, a chapel and a leper? (could be hospital/convent). During the one hundred years war, Edward III of England and his son, the Black Prince, destroy the region. In the 18th century, it belongs to the marquis of Maulévrier. During the revolution it is possession of Jacques-François Mallet, president of the Chamber of Auditors, He had carried out important work and gives the corps de logis its current appearance.

In 1792, Antoine Denis Chabanel expanded the park and demolishes the convent of Saint-Eutrope of which remains the Dovecote. At the beginning of the 19th century, Roettiers de Montaleau , future Mayor of Saint-Germain, modifies the abode, He removes the wings already shortened by the previous owner and built the cornertowers. His successor the count de Gasq redevelops inside. It has, in the last 15 years, it has lost everything of its former splendour.

Mouloud Brookes, president of the association Saint-Germain Ecologie says in 2009. ” Here, before, it was paradise. » a Renaissance Castle in the middle of 15 ha of park. Today, the building is crumbling. And inside, despite the masonry, it was devastated: cracked floors, ripped tiles… “They are trying to ruin everything”, says Monique Goguelat, Mayor (PS) of Saint-Germain-lès-Arpajon. At the heart of a financial transaction between an Italian association and the clinic of Charmilles, established in 1969 in Saint-Germain-lès-Arpajon and wishing to acquire the property. First compromise was signed in May 2005, a first extension in February 2006, “agreed, because the castle was neither protected nor assured”, said David Fischler, Director of the clinic. He asks today “a lowering of the price due to the decay of the chateau and costs of restoration of the building”, Because the clinic that does not wish to reveal the amount of the transaction has already disbursed €100,000 since 2005 for a property it does not own (caretaker fees, taxes, notaires fees…) “We hope that the purchase will materialize, assure Fabienne Gourserol, Deputy Mayor of Saint-Germain-lès-Arpajon. But we have no say on this private estate. We remind the owner its obligations regarding safeguarding of heritage.” Since 2003, the Mayor has already taken two order against the owners for leaving the building in jeopardy of falling down (arrêtés de mise en péril).

Meanwhile, the Director of the clinic remains optimistic, its remaining construction permit is still valid. Association Saint-Germain ecology, she feared the onset of a fire: “there are regular wild barbecues, and with summer, if the grass withers, it could become into a disaster!”