Chateau de Boux

Updated – A chance find whilst out in the Deux Sevres, a chateau down on its luck, by chance someone was there and i introduced myself and asked about the history of the chateau, madam informed me that her brother owned the chateau and had recently passed away, the chateau had been in her family for three generations after searching i found her advertisement, the chateau is closed to visits.

The XVth century chapel and logis are in the worst condition “The oldest House, surrounded by a walled enclosure, probably dates from the late 15th or early from the sixteenth century. A second House, dated 1734, was built at the southern corner of the enclosure including one of the towers of and at the same time the former logis has been redeveloped. Around 1906 the new owner of the Manor, Marie Stone Mascureau, did important work of renovation to the building of 1734.” The Clocher of the Chapel is believed to have collapsed in the 1990’s. if you buy it please let me take photos before restoration lol