Tour de Vesone – Perigueux

The Tower of Vésone is the vestige of a Gallo-Roman temple dedicated to Vesunna, the Guardian goddess of the Pétrucores. The sanctuary was built in the 1st or 2nd century. Vesunna, was the Gallo-Roman name of Perigueux, The tower meassures in 24,46 m height and 19,60 m in width.

According to the legend, Saint Front, chasing demons that had taken refuge in the tower with his stick, could have created the crack. In fact, this would be due to the removal of large blocks forming the entrance door, causing the high part to collapse.

In 1833, the site, owned by Count Wlgrin de Taillefer, ceded to his death the ruins to the town of Périgueux. In 1846, the tower was classified as a historique monument. The construction of the railway line Périgueux-Brive, commissioned in 1860, and the development of the surrounding streets lead to the destruction of the remains of the vast enclosure that protected the temple and spanned a area covering over a  hectare and a half.



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