Chateau de Sorel

Marked as a ruin in my Michelin map but seems to have been saved 😀 originally dates to the XVIth and XVIIth century but a chateau has been here since the Xth century, when instead of the current chateau once was a fortress held by the Lord of Thymerais, he took the colours that he knows at the time of Louis XIII. belonging to the family SĂ©guier, then it became the property of the Princess Anne of CondĂ©, the Duchess of Maine, the King Louis-Philippe finally the Comte de Bazelaire, the current owner’s grandfather.

It was a real ruin until around 60 years ago. Back then it was abandoned in the lands of the Comte de Paris who offered it to M. de Bazelaire for his work. It was nothing but vegetation at the time. It has been restored by that same family ever since. They organize weddings in the superior part of the castle and live on the lower levels in which they keep discovering and rebuilding rooms of the very old chateau.

They assume that, when the last castle was built, the 2 remaining parts we can see were united by a massive central house or “logis”, the heart of the castle, which no longer exist (fire it is believed).

The entrance gate is from that same period and is considered an historical monument.


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