Chateau de Hell

The castle known as the Chateau de hell (or the Chateau de Hell d’Oberkirch, and Hell-Oberkirch), The castle of the nobel Oberkirch family has been repeatedly transformed since the XVIIIth century and the current building dates from 1846. The foundations of the medieval chateau fort that once sat here can still be seen although that castle was destroyed in 1636.

La Chapelle du Château de Hell d’Oberkirch à Obernai, It is inside of what was the park of the chateau brought by the town in 1947, It was constructed in 1911.

The Ruins of Saint-Jean Baptist, belong actually to the old town of Oberlinden (which has long since disappeared) built in the XIth and XIIIth century it was believed still in use in 1570 when it became the seat of the first Protestant parish of Obernai, although the nobles of Oberkirch, has converted to Protestantism as early as 1135.


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