Chateau de Guirbaden

It is situated in the Guirbaden forest, near the village of Mollkirch on the left bank of the Magel River, at an altitude of 565 m. The castle covers a larger area than any other in Alsace. Dating from the XIth century, for more than 500 years it suffered several attacks, destructions and reconstructions. from a fire in 1633, it was repaired by Fredéric de Rathsamhausen in 1647, another fire in 1652 before being razed by the french troops in 1657 (following war during 1633), it falls to the family of Rohan, and is then sold in 1790.

Privately owned, it has been listed since 1898 as a monument historique by the French Ministry of Culture. Also close by are the ruins of the Chapelle castrale Saint-Valentin which is slowly being restored, as well as some farm dwellings which from one of the cars (which can dated to 1961-1962 when new) means this old farm has deteriorated rather fast indeed.


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