Lost town of Gandumas

Forge Dufraisse, Gandumas, Dordogne, Abandoned Industrial The property in 1542 of Jean Fayolle, Pierre Fayolle was master of the Forges de Gandumas in 1550, The Fayolle family built the chateau in 1610. Maitre de la forge de Gandumas was purchased on March 2, 1633 by the Dufraisse family.

Here in research, it becomes difficult to differentiate the owners from the Masters of the forging mills. In the beginning of the XVIIIth century (1708), Louis Bugeaud great-grandfather of the Marshal leased the low forging mill of Gandumas. Not glad to be a royal notary with Lanouaille, it bought a responsibility of advising of the King attached to the Court of the Assistances of Montauban.

Made up of a large farm and chateau de Gandumas, it is in abandonment. The smallholdings are dilapidated but Bugeaud will rebuild and improve the exploitation and apartment buildings: “the workmen must be able to work better on our premises than on their premises”. After 1757, Marguerite de Bony leases the forging mill, In 1771, Lestrade de la Cousse, in 1788, the widow of Sieur Linars. In 1789, the furnace’s collapse; Francois Blondy, with the help of multiple requisitions, rebuilt the furnace and the foundry.

Gandumas becomes attached to Dussac in 1790, In 1792, the commune of Gandumas amalgamates with Saint-Medard-d’Excideuil, In October 1796, an extraordinary rising of rents destroyed the establishment, Francois Blondy, very obstinate, rebuilds the forging mill. Business at the forge extinguished after the draft of free trade in 1860. The chateau would be destroyed by fire ‘accidentally’ in 1932. At the time of believed to be 1944, the river carried part of the remainders of the forging mill, and that the storm of 1992 did not make the situation better.





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