Donjon du Chateau de Confolens

Low light, No Tripod, but i could not just leave without taking some photos, There are the walls and the square keep of the old Chateau de Confolens, Saint Gauthier was born here in 990 , and it was his father who commanded the garrison of the le comte de Jourdain, seigneur de Chabanais.

Aymard, (Lord) Seigneur de Chabanais, is said to have built this chateau, according the texts of the Abbaye de Lesterps. In 1023 the chateau was besieged by Bernard (Count) Comte de la Marche. In 1091, Boson III, another count of la Marche, is found dead whilst attempting to besiege it, The tower originated in the XIIth century.

In the middle of the XIIIth century the castle is part of a defensive system to protect the city. Through marriages and sales from 1130, the Chateau passes in the hands of rulers who do not ever reside there.


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