Chateau de Montmorin

The chateau was the cradle of the family of Montmorin, one of the most powerful noble families of the Auvergne.  There remain important vestiges of this medieval fortress, in particular the entrance Châtelet with its two round towers. a chateau was first noted as being here in 980, in 1147 Hugh III de Montmorin joins Louis VII, King of France, during the 2nd Crusade. XVIIth century, thanks to their dedication to the king and the functions they perform in the kingdom, the Seigneurs de Montmorin are not annoyed by Richelieu’s policy on the destruction of castles, while 2000 others will be dismantled. 1790,  However, the castle is not simply passed by the revolution since it will be seized and divided into agricultural parcels, after the arrest of its owner, Armant-Marc de Montmorin, who provides Louis XVI with the false papers permitting his escape.

The oldest part consists of the inner enclosure and dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries. The outer enclosure and the entrance Châtelet are from the 14th century. Some reshuffles still took place in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Occupied almost until the eighteenth century.


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