Chateau de la Durbeliere

The Château de la Durbelière located in theb old commune of Saint-Aubin-de-Baubigné (now part of Mauleon). Believed to have been burnt down five times during the Revolution. It dates as a whole to the 15th century.

The castle belonged to the family of Rorthais since 1250. In 1460, Thibault de Rorthais is rebuilding the castle on the foundations of an ancient feudal construction of the 10th or 11th century. Surrounded by an impressive Moat. It was 60 metres by 30 meters and included 49 buildings, logis stables, etc.

In 1679, the castle was passed by marriage to the family of Rochejacquelein Vergier. This family is still the owner today. There is especially a large barn with carved columns, possibly the former armoury. Arms of the family of Rorthais Meulles are engraved on the portal that gives access to the large courtyard.


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