Chateau de la Cantiniere

The Chateau de la Cantiniere takes its name from its first Lords, The first known is Nicolas receiving the castle on 1 June 1327. The Cantineau succeeded to it until the beginning of XVIIth century. They sold the domain to Pierre de Verdon, who already owned the Château du Puy-Louet. In 1763, the domain was bought by Pierre Monnier, he undertook the restoration of the castle & fit replacement slate tiles.

After his death, his daughter Mary, wife of François Soulard de la Roche, inherited in 1790. The castle remained in the hands of the family until the early 20th century. The oldest part is 15th century. The castle was then redesigned in 1632, and in 1765. Only a few sections of walls are still standing today, and two towers. The castle is completely surrounded by moats. It is unclear when it was finally abandoned.


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