Chateau de Jovelle

A chateau of the 13th and 14th century, entrance was originally preceded by an Chatelet, believed the previous home of the black prince during the 100 year war during his crusades through the perigord, the castle was fortified, with ramparts, which consisted of a house, a chapel, a dungeon (cave) and towers, The logis was redesigned in the XVIIth century. after the revolution, an important part of the ramparts was destroyed, the chateau takes its name from its original owner Jovelle Dejean.

Charles VII is thought to have established his headquarters there for a few months. 2013, I return to see what difference has become of the old chateau since my last visit, things have moved, for a start the old Renault 4, when i visited before it was on it side where as it is now on its wheels, was more touching to find an old photo of its car in its heyday…













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