The Château du Marchidial bears its name from the former Auvergne Marchidial, designating the market place, often under the protection of a Lord perceiving right on the latter. Champeix, in the 12th century, was the second residence of the dauphins of Auvergne and participated in the Crusade against Jerusalem. The soldiers who returned from this campaign brought with them a treasure which would lead one of the secret passages (not yet discovered) of the castle or the village.

In the year 1633, Richelieu ordered the destruction of the chateau so that the nobles would no longer reject the royal authority (Louis XIII at the time). Today there is only the church of the chateau, part of the main tower, the gardens and the base of the tower. In the base is the old garde manger. The garde manger is located on two floors, the first one lying under the ground to recover the rainwater so that the room remains constantly fresh. In the Middle Ages, the villagers and soldiers went to the mountain to fetch ice and bring it back to the chateau to keep it in the summer, the ice also serving to preserve food. In the eighteenth century a door was added to be able to enter the garde manger (the old passage is on the roof).



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