Chateau de Violet

Since 2007,  Émilie Faussié, the former owner of the Chateau de Violet, today in bankruptcy, fights to assert her right. The area almost abandoned now is the prey of thieves.

At 83, Émilie Faussié lives as a recluse in a room near the Violet Castle, which was many years ago, a hotel, restaurant and wine estate of 33 hectares. The castle is now haunted by unscrupulous burglars. The case of this fall in the underworld began with the passage of the franc to the euro when the accountant of Émilie Faussié confounded franc and euro when declaring her income, a statement six times more than the reality then it was a procession of lawsuits , from trial to judicial recovery, to liquidation.

“What does it mean, to be a squire today,” launches the former bruised owner, exhausted by these incessant legal battles by this inextricable juridical-financial imbroglio. “I live with my husband’s pension in a small retreat, 700 euros a month, no electricity, nothing more,” she says the trembling voice but always determined to fight to save her honour because for the rest the thieves seem to be taking care of it.

In a few months, Émilie Faussié has received several nocturnal visits. Headlights of cars or vans that illuminate the path that leads to the Chateau, the sounds of doors, “I have seen several men, I even saw in the second burglary someone carry a status, a bust of gilded wood, the archbishop, a sculpture of the seventeenth century,” she displeases. In the old house, mirrors, chandeliers, paintings and furniture have all now disappeared. The floors are littered with various insignificant objects, papers, laundry… judged uninteresting to the thieves.

It has been 10 years that Émilie Faussié has been unable to dismantle her domain of 54 ha, following a disputed judicial liquidation, it all began in January 2007. An estate she had acquired in 1963 with her husband (today deceased), on which the chateau had been transformed into a hotel-restaurant. Since then, the Squire has not been resigned and lives alone in a small annex that had been arranged with her husband for their retirement. Various offers have been put forward but as of yet the chateau still sleeps, waiting.

A sad end to a persons legacy and once the pride of the local town.


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