Chateau de Montredon

There is little left now of the chateau which sits on top of a hill next to a pony club, but history tells us that Raymond III gave Montredon in fief to the Viscounts of Lautrec in 974. They will retain it until 1431. It should be noted that from 1224 to 1226, Louis VIII, King of France, is Lord of Montredon. This explains the presence of 3 fleurs-de-lis on the weapons of the commune.

In 1431, Montredon was exchanged for the family of Arpajon. In 1572, the Castelpers and Cardaillac-Bioule families were the Lords of Montredon. In 1629, Richelieu came to visit Montredon. In 1631, the fief passed to the Brunet family of Villeneuve. In 1792, Marie-Lambert de Brunet, Marquis de Villeneuve, was the last Baron of Montredon.
The castle was never taken over the centuries and was only ruined by abandonment after serving as a prison during the revolution. The painter Van Dyck stayed for a long time in Montredon and Berlan, under the protection of Lucretia Elbène, Baroness of Montredon.


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