The Legend of Bagnac

Not something i normally do, but i like local history and how things tie together, here i give you the legend of Bagnac, my personal favourite. The chapel of Saint-Martin de Bagnac in the cemetery of Saint-Bonnet-de-Bellac. is one of the largest belonging to a family in the Haute-Vienne. In addition, the entrance to the Chapel is oriented towards the Chateau de Bagnac.

Where do i start the old french noble family name of Saint-Martin de Bagnac which originates from the 14th century, The family of Saint-Martin de Bagnac are descendeants of Jacques de Saint-Martin, who shot the famous English general Sir John Chandos at Lussac-les-Châteaux bridge in 1370. The Saint-Martin came into possession of the lordship after the marrage to Françoise de la Touche, dame de Bagnac et de Gratien de Saint-Martin in 1490. The lords of Bagnac were know to give their lifes in the XIVth to the XVIIth century to the army and church.

The Marquis/Marquise de Bagnac (in the old department of Marche now Haute-Vienne-87 ) was created in 1724, the chateau that stands today was built by the Marquis (Antony 1826-1892) and the Marquise de Saint-Martin de Bagnac where work continued from 1858, interrupted during the war of 1870, they resumed again in 1875, i believe the name ended in 1892 after the death of the last family member who died without children.. The Cardinal Pierre de Bagnac was also born on this site of this chateau in 1330.


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