Prieure Notre-Dame de Lanville

The Priory Notre-Dame de Lanville is a priory located on the old parish of Lanville, current commune of Marcillac-Lanville, in the Charente. The priory itself is of very old but of unknown foundations. It suffered much from the wars of religion, especially that of 1568, during which its titles for the majority are destroyed.

However, It manages to recover his goods, but the priory and the church are seriously damaged. The priory of Lanville will never cease being conventional, and it keeps its independence until 1652. At that time, it is working with the Abbaye Sainte-Genevieve de Paris.. On June 9 1793, the priory is sold for 48.000 livres.

The Eglise de Lanville was probably founded at the beginning of the XIIth century on the initiative of Girard II, bishop of Angouleme. One can see, in the south of the church, the completely ruined remainders of a pretty cloister and a chapter house from the beginning of the XVIth century. The still existing buildings, for the majority in the North-West of the church, are of the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries.


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