L’isle Jourdain – Ancien Fortress and Eglise

It is a lord of the name of Jordan that the commune owes its name. Building his fortress in the XIIth century, on a small rock island located in the middle of Vienne River. The commune has be inhabited since at least the IVth century.

The lord Jordan (about 1080-1115?) built the toll of the bridge and lived in the castle built on the small rock island which was used on both sides as to support the bridge. The viaduct, forty meters high offers an exceptional panoramic view. Crossing point of the old railway line of almost 40 km which connected Saint-Saviol to Le Blanc. Made out of stone between 1881 and 1884 following the plans of Paul Sejourne. It crosses the valley of the Vienne at a height of 40,25 metres with its 12 arches, which have an opening of 20 metres each. Its overall length is 304m. the line was inaugurated in 1891 but the rail traffic stopped in 1969.


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