La Chapelle-Faucher

La Chapelle-Faucher to the north of the Dordogne was a commune of important affluence of the Drone. In the XIIth century, a monk named Fulchurius builds a religious building. His is the origin of the name of the village which successively turns from Chapelle Fulchurius, then La Chapelle Fulchier and then La Chapelle Fouchet on the chart of Cassini representing France between 1756 and 1789, and today La Chapelle-Faucher.

During the One hundred Year War, Prince Noir set fire to the village which remained unoccupied for hundred years. In 1569, the army of the Protestants of the admiral de Coligny massacred several hundreds peasants. In 1827, the commune of Jumillac-de-Cole (village which is also called Le Petit Jumillac) amalgamates with La Chapelle-Faucher. At the time of the attack when fire to the village by the troops of Prince Noir during the One hundred Year old War, it was plundered and partially destroyed and was not rebuilt until the XVth century, more than 100 years afterwards.


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