Chateau de Vaujours

The Chateau de Vaujours is a former Angevin fortress of the XIIth and XV th centuries. It belonged to the old Manor of Chasteaux-Anjou, the modern village of Château-la-Vallière.

The fief of Vaujours was the Seneschal of Anjou de Baugé, and the diocese of Angers. Hugues Ier d’Alluye, alive in 978 the best-known former Lord of Vaujours. The chateau of the barons de Chasteaux, was built on the borders of the Anjou in order to defend the territory.

The construction of the castle of Vaujours can be attributed to Hugues VI d’Alluye (of Perche-Gouët) or Rotrou de Montfort to 1250.

During the hundred years war, the fortress was never taken by the English. A major restoration was carried out XVth century. Then Jean V de Bueil, nicknamed “the scourge of the English” and had kept Vaujours since 1418, his uncle Hardouin de Bueil Bishop of Angers (the latter bought it in October 1398 from Pierre Trousseau; it seems that they had acquired it in several stages – 1298, 1328, 1375? -the Seigneuries de Châteaux-en-Anjou, Vaujours and St-Christophe via the heirs of the d’Alluyes, Montfort-le-Rotrou and Parthenay), had made defenses so the castle became impregnable. He died there, much later, in 1477.

Louis XI stayed during his visits in Anjou, his natural sister, Jeanne de France, daughter of Charles VII and Agnès Sorel. Jeanne, married Antoine de Bueil, the son of Jean V de Bueil. The Lord of Bueil welcomed on the 3 June 1469, the King before being received into the Order of St. Michael. Louis XI returned again on the 17th September 1470 and 2nd October 1471.

Under the Ancien Régime, the castle was bought by Louis XIV in 1666 and offered it to his former mistress, Miss Louise de la Vallière, and she became Duchess of La Vallière and Vaujours.

In the XVIIIth century, Louise de la Vallière left the Castle and gave it to the Davot family, who looked after the castle for a long time. The castle was abandoned during the French Revolution. In 1815, it was sold to Thomas Stanhope-Holland who used it as a stone quarry.

This area is, today, private property but is open to visits.


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