Chateau de Saint-Martin – Laguepie

The Chateau de Saint-Martin sits on the outskirts of the small town of Laguepie in the Tarn et Garonne department. 1175, First writings mentioning the seigneur de Laguepie. 1212, The Chateau is set alight and demolished by Simon de Montfort and his crusaders. 1242, It becomes the property of Raymond VII, Comte de Toulouse. 1360, After the treaty of Bretigny it is given to the English.

1592, The duc de Joyeuse attacks and destroys the chateau and the village, The baron Josias de Malroux is killed alongside 70 of his men. 1598, The Chateau is rebuilt, The fortress is transformed into a residence seigneurale. 1793, The Chateau is ransacked, abandoned by the last baron, The comte de Freyssinet.

1827, Inheriters divide the chateau, a part is preserved it currently belongs to the mairie de St Martin Laguepie, the other part is sold to private individuals, two houses are built into the chateau fortifications.

1998, Creation of the association ‘lou viel castel’, the same year the lighting for the building is put in place. In 2003 Consolidation work of the walls and first opening to the public.


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