Chateau de Marmande

The Baron de Marmande was one of the eight members of the tourangelle nobility, he was Seneschal.  The fortress is bordered to the North by a wide moat, medieval walls dominate in the South, from the top of a ridge, the village.  In the rock access to the deep underground passges where the population of the area sought shelter when approached by the horrors of war: the intruder who ventured there without precautions may just disappear in the mouth of a well.

The remains of it are dominated by a watch tower 29 meters in height, it has 163 steps,
In the eleventh century there lived in Marmande a feudal who showed liberality towards the Abbaye de Noyers nearby, but was the cause of a tragedy that took place in 1074.

Acharie de Marmande had waged war against the coalition formed by the Vicomte de Châtellerault and the Seigneurs de Faye and of l’Ile Bouchard. The castle destroyed thoroughly, Acharie managed to escape, he took refuge in the nearby Citadel Nouâtre, then the l’Ile-Bouchard, who had changed his Lord. From there, the feudal of Marmande was harassing his opponents.

One night, wanting to seize a group of farmers locked in a house and taking refuge in the underground that it owned. They set fire to the house and everyone (including women and children) perished by asphyxiation. That same night, Acharie fell at the hands of his enemies, he showed remorse in his Dungeon; and when he was released, he obtained through the monks ‘peace’ of the families of his victims.

Sadly during 2016 the roof collapsed, its future now even more uncertain.



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