Chateau de la Voularnerie

The oldest parts of the Chateau de la Voularnerie seems to date from the 15th century. At this time, it seems to belong to the La Tour family. In 1567, Jeanne de La Tour married Jean D’Angely de Clavachon. The Angely family kept the chateau until the first half of the 17th century, where it passes into the hands of the Jousserand family. In 1639, Charles de Jousserand is seigneur (lord) de la Voularnerie. It then returned to the Bodard de la Jacopière family.

In the late 18th century, a record of visit said about the poor condition of the chateau, and including the keep. In the 20th century, the chateau was turned into a farm. A tower has disappeared, several openings have been modified and some sections of walls have been reassembled in concrete block, Legend tells that underground tunnels connect the chateau to Moutonnerie, and also to the Abbeys of Charroux and Nanteuil.




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